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All Bisque Dolls, Frozen Charlottes & Piano Babies

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Hertwig Tiny Twins Clutching Green Ribbon #199-35
Hertwig Girl Holding Teddy Bear #199-30
Hertwig Girl with Bobbed Hairstyle #192-33
Hertwig Girl with Checked Skirt #192-32
Carl Horn Tiny Girl #192-25
Heubach Piano Baby, Large Size #194-31
Kewpie Playing Mandolin on Base #193-27
Kewpie Playing Mandolin #193-26
Kewpie with Chick , German All Bisque #192-14
Baby in Blanket Swinger #191-20
Kewpie Thinker in Halloween Outfit #191-02
Reclining Kewpie, with Darling Expression #191-03
Babette Schweizer Carriage with Frozen Charlotte Baby #188-16
German Baby Girl with Open Mouth #188-12
Hetwig Baby in Original Outfit #187-18
Tiny Frozen Charlotte in Bed #185-39
Frozen Charlotte w/ Pink Crocheted Dress #184-38
Small German Dollhouse Lady #179-23
Japanese Tiny Girl #180-19
Unusual Potty Baby with Napoleon Doll #180-04
Heubach Singing Dutch Boy & Girl #177-34
Kewpie Reading a Book with Placecard Base #155-37
Very Large Hertwig Toddler #164-09
Chimney Sweep Boy #123-38
All Bisque Boy w/ Dog in Sailor Hat
All Bisque with Blue Bootines #160-03
German All Bisque Girl w/Snail Coil Hair Style
Young Girl in Chair #100-28
Googlie All Bisque Girl #156-34
Heubach Dutch Girl with Milk Pails #156-16
Little Red Riding Hood Series--Wolf As Grandma #123-08
Gr. Heubach Dutch Girl #129-25
Googlie Boy #147-25
Limbach Position Baby #154-13
Hertwig Baby Bunting Dresser Box #133-21
Large Googlie Girl Toddler w/Blue Molded Ribbons #184- 34 PENDING
Googlie Eyed German All Bisque Girl #184-24 PENDING
Petite German Ballerina w/Porcelain Lace Tutu SOLD
Kestner Carpenter Lad #194-29 SOLD
Simon and Halbig All Bisque Child with Bent Knees #194-3 9 SOLD
Kestner School Girl with Book #194-28 SOLD
Carl Horn Tiny Boy #192-24 SOLD
Kestner School Boy #191-21 SOLD
Heubach Piano Baby with Candy Container Egg #194-30 SOLD
Baby with Darling Outfit #191-13 SOLD
Kestner Young Lady in Great Outfit #191-18 SOLD
Bye Lo Baby by Kestner #191-12 SOLD
Very Early Pink Tint Frozen Charlotte #187-23 SOLD
Simon & Halbig Dollhouse Toddler or Baby w/Yellow Stockings #184-18 SOLD
Large Kestner All Bisque w/Blue Stockings #185-03 SOLD
Gbr. Heubach Pouty All Bisque Girl w/Blue Molded Bows #184-29 SOLD
Gbr. Heubach Chin Chin Baby w/ Label #184-22 SOLD
Simon & Halbig Girl with Brown Stockings & Easter Basket #184-01 SOLD
German Nodder Chester Gump #107-28 SOLD
Very Early Bisque Toddler Boy #175-35 SOLD
Tiny Jointed Bisque Bear #175-08 SOLD
Schafer & Vater Sailor with Naughty Bather, Large #189-24 SOLD
Schafer & Vater Sailor with Naughty Bather, Small #189-23 SOLD
Kewpie Traveller, German #150-8 SOLD
Gr. Heubach Piano Baby , Great Character Face#143-11 SOLD
Chloe Preston Peter w/ Basket #94-12 SOLD

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